Using Atom to upload a project to GitHub


I hope somebody out there can help with what is probably a very silly newbie question!

I’m just getting started with Git and GitHub and I use Atom as my default text editor. So when I am trying to upload files from a local directory I’m having a bit of a problem. I can use Atom to create a local Git repository i.e. all the relevant files get loaded up onto my local machine but when I come to commit and get them uploaded I’m having an issue…I think the problem is that nowhere is it asking me for the pathway of the repo on GitHub. Am I missing something really silly?

Many Thanks!!

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It’s ok - I solved it! I was being silly! When I went to the command prompt and entered

git remote add origin

I hadn’t entered the filepath. Now I have entered the filepath I’m getting the relevant options to publish and push the commit to the GitHub repo.