Using access tokens on supercomputers (distributed machine)

I have recently signed up for two-factor authentication. I’m aware that, on my personal computer, I can set up access token to make it “remember” the password.

How would I do this on a distributed machine with several servers as login nodes? I have tried to generate access tokens every time I use git commands. But these servers have different hostname and I’m not sure whether I land on the same machine next time I log onto the supercomputer.

Does anyone have any pointers? Thank you.

If you’re talking about personal access tokens, those are not bound to a specific machine. You could store it in a password manager on your local machine and enter it from there into your session on the supercomputer (assuming you’re using SSH or similar to log in). You could use a credential cache on the supercomputer so you don’t have to enter the token for each and every Git operation.

I see. I actually find another difference when I did things locally and on supercomputers. If I use the SSH based git URL, I can avoid entering keyword every time as long as I have added the public key to my GitHub account. Thank you. I have stored the personal access token locally so that I can use it for the HTTPS based repo that I have already cloned.

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