Uses step in Composite Action

I am trying to build a Composite action. In that I am trying to use another action with “uses” statement. But I am getting an error when I try to call this composite action from a workflow.- “Unexpected value ‘uses’”. Can’t we call another action from within a composite action? Couldn’t find it in documentation also.

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Composite Actions can only be created using run steps. They are only designed to chain together multiple “run” steps. Creating a composite run steps action - GitHub Docs

This has been discussed multiple times on this forum, here is an incomplete list of relevant topics:

Thank you. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn’t state what is supported & not supported. This is the reason for the confusion.

Are there any plans to support use in composite actions? Without those, they’re just another way of writing a bash script :frowning:

There is some ongoing work:

I haven’t seen anything about when we can expect this to become available, though.

Shocking amounts of code duplication because this isn’t a feature