Users duplicated when joining a team in Github Classroom

Hi everybody,

I’ve been noticing a problem that happens occasionally when a student joins a team in Github Classroom. After selecting a team, the student’s account is associated twice to the team, as it can be seen in the image bellow.

In this assignment, I set up the “maximum members per team” to 2. You can notice that the team “t1-allan-conrado” has a single user accounted associated twice to the team. The problem also happened in team “t1-leo-matheus”, in which both members are duplicated. Since the maximum members per team was set to 2, Github Classroom USUALLY does not allow a student to join a team that has a duplicated member (but sometimes it allows, as it can be seen in team “t1-leo-matheus”).

This bug seems not to affect the github repository itself. Basically, the users are duplicated in the Github Classroom interface but they are not in the corresponding github repository.

Unfortunately, I did not find a way to reproduce this bug.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

I’ve run into the same issue with my course this year, starting in December 2021. The issue definitely didn’t pop up a year before, when I also used GitHub Classroom (December 2020–January 2021).

I’m having to circumvent it for now by upping the “maximum members per team” to double the real maximum, but that’s a nuisance.