Username Squatting

I would really like to change my github username, I have seen a few people reporting dormant accounts username release accepted.
Here is a post from Github Staff
But recently github no longer review release request tickets from dormant/inactive accounts and just reply with a generic email :

Thank you for your request. It appears that you are asking about releasing a dormant or inactive username. We no longer review requests to release dormant or inactive usernames. You can view our Username Policy here:

GitHub Username Policy - GitHub Docs

If you hold a trademark to this name and believe there is a clear case of confusion between the account and your trademark, please review our Trademark Policy

Thank you,The GitHub Team

The username Policy has not changed, it is still forbidden to squat a username :

Accounts violating this name squatting policy may be removed or renamed without notice.

The username I want had no activity since its creation (10 years), and last time he logged was 6 years ago.

I don’t understand why my request is denied as the account violates the rules.

Hi @fudjia and welcome to the community.

First of all, we cannot discuss account-specific matters on this forum. That’s what GitHub Support is for.

Their answer seems clear to me:

We no longer review requests to release dormant or inactive usernames.

The fact that name squatting is disallowed, does not change the fact that currently no new requests for the release of these names are being reviewed.

A simple reason for this may be the following excerpt from the Username Policy, although that is just speculating from my side.

Keep in mind that not all activity on GitHub is publicly visible; accounts with no visible activity may be in active use.