Username doesn't exist


One of the enterpise account holder is trying to add my username as a member to its organization but my username is not showing up for him. When he searches for my username in the dialogbox, it tells that there is no username-prer21. He tried my email id and username but it continues to tell that my account doesnt exist.

Using one of my seperate account I can detect me username-prer21 and add it as a collaborator to my other account; hence its not as if my account doesnt exist. So I am now confused as to what’s wrong with my account or is there some problem at the organization’s end. And if there is a problem at the other end, are there are some pointers i can point to for the organization to check?



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You say “enterprise” - is it possible the person trying to add you is working with a self-hosted version of GitHub Enterprise on their own servers? If it is, you would need a separate account for that, within their own Enterprise installation.

If they are definitely using and can’t invite you, please ask them to get in touch with GitHub support, and we’ll be able to help them then.