Username change and organizations

Does changing my username affects the organization I’m part of?, Do I lose access to it or the logo on my profile?
I’m just a member
Thank you

it’s quite tricky because your username is part of the URL, I’ve changed mine I think for 3x

as you can see there are warnings before you change it, like redirection, in my experience, it’s the main problem, for example, others will have auto-redirect, others should be manually edited, and take note, given that username will be free, and it is taken by another user and name the same repo as yours in the past, that will break the redirection

so if you have that kind of scenario in the Org you belong to, that may affect the Org

and also, once you changed your username, don’t ever changed that right away back to the original one as it will cause repos name to be retired, there were several posts like this scenario in this forum

check this out too

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Thank you for the reply, I’ll read some more and then I think I’m gonna try it