User Mis-Configuration

Trying my post again first one got flagged as spam.

For the repo: GitHub - cjburkha/theburkhardts
For this commit: no message · cjburkha/theburkhardts@e077859 · GitHub

The commit was done by user Andrew Burkhardt.

However if you go to this action it shows it was done by a different user:
[link redacted I can only post 2]

Additionally if you go to the user: andrewburkhardt?tab=overview&from=2021-10-01&to=2021-10-31
You see they have no commit history

Commits were done using SourceTree, and done using a computer that used to be configured for a different user (cjburkha)

Checked local and global settings for, they both show correct settings for Andrew Burkhardt
git config
git config

Can anyone help with this?

That commit isn’t done by any recognized user (based on the email in the commit), so the GitHub GUI just shows the author name listed in the commit. You can append .patch to the URL to see the author data as listed in the commit.

The action log says the push that triggered the Actions workflow run was done by you. That says nothing about who authored the commits that were pushed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks for the reply!

I see I had a mismatch on the email, which I would not have found without the .patch pointer to see what was going on behind the scenes and why I thought it was working.

I still don’t understand the mismatch in the Actions workflow, why or how does it look like cjburkha pushed? Changes were authored committed and pushed using source-tree using same account.

How can I see who pushed the commit?

I have a commit here where the user who pushed matches what I would expect. If I can see detail on who pushed maybe I can see the difference.

When making a commit the author information is recorded in the commit itself. Pushing commits made by others is completely normal, you just need to be authorized to push to the target repository.

Naturally I can’t see how the authorization is done from your computer, but that’s what you need to check. See which account the token (if you use HTTPS) or key (if you use SSH) used when pushing is connected to.

That makes sense thanks I will try it

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Thanks for the help I was finally able to track it down.

FWIW I think the access key was stored in the keychain and sourcetree was just using that access key even though I was using oauth to authenticate to github.

I didn’t see anyway to change it but was able to override by deleting the key then logging in using basic.

Thanks for the help based on your post I knew what was wrong just had to figure out how to change or fix it.

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