User level Branch Protection rules

We have certain branches which are protected for merge and require pull request reviews before merge.

Now we want only one user(non-admin) user to enable the merges without review, as this will be part of our  forward merging automation process.

How can I achieve this?


Hi @pavishkarnik,

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As for your question, I’m wondering if branch restrictions might help your use case. That said, it sounds like you might be looking for slightly more granular permissions than that. If that’s the case, it’s not currently possible, but I can definitely see the value. Let me know, and I’ll be sure to share your feedback with the appropriate teams for consideration in the future.


Cheers nadiajoyce, I think that will help a lot. Cause we are automating our forward merging process and do not want to share admin access to this user, as the token info will be in scripts. 

I forgot to mention that** branch restrictions is** not addressing the whole use case.

Okay, great. I will share your specific use case with the appropriate teams for consideration in the future. Thank you for following up!

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We also have a problem with this. We want to require pr reviews before merging, but we have 2 users (bots) that need to be able to push to a protected branch without review. Example use cases:

  1. i18n updates from our translation software automatically update locale files and don’t need reviews.
  2. Dependabot automatically merging security patches / updates to dev dependencies