[user].github.io and custom domain links give 404, but [user].github.io/[user].github.io works

Note: I’m limited to two links as a new user, so I’ve made most links code-style/inactive.

My GitHub username is maxghenis, and I have a maxghenis.github.io repo, whose master branch includes an index.html file: github.com/MaxGhenis/maxghenis.github.io/tree/master

Before I changed around the architecture of this site, maxghenis.github.io (and maxghenis.com) pointed correctly to the site. Now, both give a 404 error (and have for the past 30 minutes or so).

However, adding the repo name to the end works: maxghenis.github.io/maxghenis.github.io.

Also, all maxghenis.com/[repo] links fail, e.g. maxghenis.com/maxghenis.github.io and maxghenis.com/pythonomics (maxghenis.github.io/pythonomics works).

I’d appreciate any help! Thanks.

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This was because I didn’t have a CNAME file in the folder being deployed to master. Fixed now.

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