Useful mention notifications

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get useful @ mention notifications?

github/notifications (leaving out the .com because as a new user I can’t have links in my post) has a category for mentions, but once I’ve been mentioned in an issue or pull request, then every new comment causes it to re-appear in the mentions category, even though I wasn’t mentioned in the new comments.

Similarly for emails, once I’ve been mentioned, every new comment in the issue/PR has mention in CC, so I can’t just filter my email by CC include

When I post comments, I get notifications emails that says “@zivkan commented …”, so I can’t filter emails from with @zivkan in the email body, because I’ll pick up every comment that I make.

even when I am mentioned in a PR, particularly when I go to the PR via github/notifications, it’s difficult to find the mention. If it’s in a new comment in a resolved conversation, it’s hidden by default so I can’t find it. If it’s in a conversation in a large PR, the conversations are probably hidden behind a “load more” link, so also not discoverable, even if the conversation is not resolved.

I don’t know how to make sure I see comments when people @ mention me.

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Hey there @zivkan :wave:

I appreciate you taking the time to submit your feedback on the experience you’ve had with our notification options. There’s a number of things there, and one thing I want to mention straight away is:

The email notification system, and the /notifications UI, are unique pipelines with unique behaviors and development teams. It would be great to know if you have a preference for where you’d like to see improvements.

Is the ability to better filter email deliveries preferable to adjusting the behavior with /notifications?

That said, I think one thing to note about /notifications, is that your subscribed, and watch status on an issue or repo, will change how often you are sent items to the /notifications inbox.

You should always get a new notification when you are @ mentioned, even in issues you might not be subscribe'd to.

If you don’t want to receive notice every time a new comment is made, verify that you’re not subscribed:

…and also check your watch settings:

If there is still unwanted behavior after modifying your notice adjustments, I’d be curious to know what that might be!

Though to your points about the email notifications, I think that gets a little bit muddier, due to what kind of mail provider you might be using, and what filtering options are available. Some mail providers provide quite a lot of power, around filtering emails.

Let us know!

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Hi @nethgato, thanks for replying.

As a software developer myself, in Microsoft, I understand that different teams have different responsibilities. However, from a customer point of view, I don’t really care. I’m willing to adapt my workflow to some extent, so it doesn’t matter to me if the email notification team or the /notification team implement something that’s useful to me. Having said that, I prefer /notifications, and would happy use that 100% of the time if I could.

I understand I can unsubscribe from an issue or PR to stop getting notifications, but the problem I have is mostly in my team’s own repos, which I am watching and therefore am automatically subscribed to every issue. My team is too large for my liking, and as a result the quantity of PRs is larger than I can review in dept. Similarly, working on an open-source project, we get far more customer comments than I can deal with myself. But, since it’s my product, I want to be subscribed, and notified every time there’s a change, it’s just that when I’m not mentioned, I will quickly mark it as read, even if I didn’t read in detail. However, when I am mentioned, it’s often because someone is expecting my reply, so I want to make sure I reply when someone expects it, but not be tricked when I was not mentioned in an issue or PR that I was previously mentioned in.

I personally would be fine if /notifications listed the same issue/PR multiple times when I am mentioned multiple times, and each of the notifications takes me directly to the comment. In fact, I would love for it to work like this.

I have a particular problem in big PRs where GitHub starts hiding older feedback behind a “load more” link. This is a generic problem, not just limited to mentions, but to avoid getting off-topic, let’s just say it’s a significant problem for me when someone mentioned me in an old “conversation” that I can’t find without clicking a load more link. Also, in a large PR where I might have been mentioned multiple times in multiple different “conversations” (which may or may not have been marked as resolved). Trying to make sure I find each place I was mentioned is quite difficult.

Playing around more with email notifications, I think that emails from notifications (at), that include mention (at) and contains @ zivkan (without the space) in the body seems to give me what I want. I’m just not sure it should be this difficult. To me, a mention is someone really trying to get my attention, so there should be minimal noise around mentions, to minimise the risk that I start ignoring mentions because too many of them were notifications that did not provide value.

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Hey @zivkan

This feedback is tremendous! Thank you so much. Typically, we would suggest you include this feedback, here:

…per our FAQ.

If there’s any difficulty submitting via that form, I’m happy to elevate this feedback on your behalf.

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