"Used by" looks wrong


My little editor https://github.com/xyproto/o has a side-panel that lists https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100 under “Used by”.

However, o does not appear to have anything at all to do with https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100, in either direction.

Is this an issue with GitHub?

Best regards,
Alexander F. Rødseth

I see now that go.sum and go.mod in https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100 mentions github.com/xyproto/o.

However, the actual Go code in https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100 does not use github.com/xyproto/o.

Could the “used by” detection be improved to not only consider go.mod and go.sum, but also actual use in the Go source code files?

Checking that github.com/xyproto/o is not imported by any .go file in https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100 should be relatively straightforward.

github.com/xyproto/o is not actually used by https://github.com/mlesniak/vt100, even though it’s mentioned in go.sum and go.mod.