use site.github metadata from a different repo?

Hey There Folks,

Is it possible to use a different repositories metadata on the gh-pages site?

We have;


ORGANISATION1/REPO2  << master branch is used for gh-pages

REPO1 is the actuall application

REPO2 is the Documentation site for REPO1

if we usesite.github to access the repo metadata, it’s the metadata for REPO2 (which is fair enough)

is it possible to access the metadata from REPO1 through?

So we can use download links, latest_release information etc… of REPO1 in the Documentation gh-pages site.

Thanks for your time

You can already use files, images, etc from REPO1 as links from pages in REPO2. 


<img src="" />

But I’m not sure about the metadata - unless you can tweak the yml files in REPO2 to pretend to be REPO1.

thank you for taking the time to respond, but correct if I am wrong here, isn’t your statement/answer the same as what I asked if there was a solution for in the first place?

I’m having the same issue, where our GitHub Pages site is stored in a separate repo from the application repo, and we’d like to use the metadata from the application repo.

The _config.yml of the site has a repository setting for the repository we’d like:
repository: org/app-repo
and this is respected when testing locally with Jekyll, but seems to not be respected when GitHub Pages builds the site.