Use of downloaded Hyperion zip file

Hi, I have tried to install Hyperion to OSMC and had no success using Hypercon SSH or installing thru PUTTY. So 
I downloaded the zip file:

I extracted it and now wondering how to install from this folder on my PC to my SD card? Can WINSCP be used?

Sorry for newbie question but frustrated …

If you have a question about a project on GitHub, you should look for suggestions on how to get support in the following locations:

  • If the project has a SUPPORT file, look there
  • If the project has a CONTRIBUTING file, look there
  • If the project has a README file (almost all projects on GitHub do), look there
  • If the project has none of those files or they don’t indicate where you can ask questions, open an issue on the project’s repository

It turns out that the Hyperion project has a note in their README about their new forum and they invite people to ask questions there.

I hope that helps!