Use Markdown Version of Github Pages Without removing HTML file

Sorry, I’m rather new to this, so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated on this topic!

I recently added an HTML file to my personal github pages repository so that I could track my progress with it over time. However, the HTML code isn’t quite ready to be displayed on my website yet and I was wondering if there was still a way to use the previous Markdown version of my Github website without removing the HTML file from my repository.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @christopherkwok, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! If your files both have the same name (excluding the file extension) Pages will always choose the HTML version over the markdown version.

The best way to keep this file excluded from your site until it’s ready would be to store it in a separate branch, work on the file in that branch, and then merge that branch with the branch that hosts your Pages site when you’re ready to launch it.

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Ohhh perfect, thanks so much for the help!