Use Github to track changes in google sheet

Hi Gurus,

I’m new to version control and would like to track changes in a Google Sheet and create snapshots of a sheet so that contributors can look back over changes and rollback to previous versions or just review those changes weeks/months later.

I need to use Google Sheets because I’m displaying the data through WordPress to provide easy lookup (google sheet link is easy to pass). In the event rows are added/updated/deleted on the front end, I want to track them. 

I looked into Zapier to handle the integration with Github and writing the snapshot file to the webserver. 

But I don’t quite understand how to use Github to track changes for a google sheet. 

Is this kind of use case doable with Github? Is there a better way to handle this?
Thank you in advance for any advice!

Hi @eco-emilio!

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a particular way that you can use GitHub to do version control on a Google Sheets file as it is hosted on Google’s servers. However, Google Sheets has built in version control that should be able to do what you’re looking to do.


Thank you kindly for taking the time to let me know!

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