Use Github API to create a comment for a file that is not included in the commit

I have a situation right now where i want to use to create a comment for the files in my project.

After a commit is performed i analyze the whole code for possible errors and use the API to send information about erros that occured. I have succesfully finished with this part and all comments are created, but on the website in my commit section i don’t see any comments that were done for the files outside of the commit.


  1. I commit 1 file - Test.сs
  2. I find errors in files - Test.cs, Test1.cs, Test2.cs 
  3. I use API to send comments with these errors 
  4. I go to the corresponding commit on the UI and don’t see any comments except for the Test.cs.

Is there a way to browse comments that were created for the files outside of commit ?

P.S If i use the API to get all comments of this commit, comments for files Test.cs, Test1.cs, Test2.cs  will be present.