Use full width not just center

Please use the full width and not just the center.
If Markdown pages that contain larger tables are displayed they get necessarily cropped and the usability is severely impacted.
Example: GitHub - buraglio/broken-v6only: A running list of applications and processes that just do not work with the total absence of IPv4 on on a host

(Also I’d like to use my screen to its full capabilities and not just a very small portion in the center…)

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Yeah, this behavior can be annoying and the screenshot you provided is a perfect example how it can go sideways. I also prefer to use the entire screen.

Limiting the width of the main content can be useful though, especially for users with ultra-wide displays, who can have difficulty reading extremely long lines of text.

We need a setting for it: do you want a certain number of characters or edge-to-edge (with still some small margins — obviously). This is how most text/code editors handle this issue.

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And esp there I would expect the full line to be displayed. Why would I have an ultra-wide display when the content is cropped anyway?
Just size the window or stick it into a corner. It’s not that hard…
It’s the same for native apps. Why is this so hard for websites?

If the line is too long and you don’t artificially limit it on ultra-wide, you have to move your head way to much to read the text comprising of dozens of these lines. It’s not ergonomic. It’s why text editors have this setting. You should 100% be able to set your preference.

Resizing your browser window is not an equal substitute. You can have another tab with a video, a grid of photos or anything that you’re comfortable with taking up the full window the the display.

What’s not ergonomic is what web pages do. To decide that they know better and to artificially limit it. If I want to have the pages clip smaller, I just clip the window in a corner and the borders of the window will make it smaller all by themselves. Try it with any native app. Even VS Code does show long lines over the whole screen if you want it to take the whole screen but if you resize the window it’ll get smaller and not take the whole window…

And I’m writing this on a 55" TV right now and the web browser is clipped into the lower right quadrant covering 1/4 of the screen…
The top right is a twitch stream and the left site has multiple ssh sessions, vscode instances, winscp, thunderbird and onenote open…