Use Coursera certificate for student developer pack

Can I use my Coursera certificate in my request for a student developer pack?

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The Student Developer Pack is available to students enrolled in degree or diploma granting courses of study, or where an informal learning institution has signed up to GitHub Campus.

Many of the courses available on websites like Coursera would fall under “informal learning” which would not make a student eligible for the pack.

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thank you for replying

Well if I was enrolled in a course offered by the University of London at the Coursera web site, can I benefit from the student developer pack?

Actually, I am in middle school, But I enrolled
on the Coursera website, my school is in Saudi Arabia, and my school does not provide an email to register for the student developer pack,

And the last certificate I got it from my school was the previous year due to the Coronavirus and I am currently studying web design, and I hope to get a student developer pack to benefit from it, so, what can I do?

If you are currently enrolled in full time school (even middle school) you can apply. If you ask your school for some kind of proof of enrollment, like a transcript on official headed paper, you can apply since you are a full-time student. You’ll be able to upload proof of enrollment when you apply.

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