Use codeowners to suggest reviewers, NOT automatically assign

Hi there!

My team has recently added codeowners. In the past few weeks we’ve found that automatically assigning reviewers when someone creates a PR is disruptive to a lot of individual workflows.

How can we use codeowners to populate the “Suggestion” dropdown, and allow teammates to manually select when they’re ready for review?


There isn’t an option to make CODEOWNERS work in the way you describe. The Suggestion dropdown is populated based on who has modified certain files in the past. If you want a system that works similarly to the way you describe, you would have to create some other kind of owners system and the tooling to request reviews from the owners. You could perhaps use Probot for something like that. You may want to look at the Auto Assign Probot app for inspiration.

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Thank you so much!

The Auto Assign Probot looks perfect for our needs! 

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