US Trade Controls restrict UK based company

We’re a UK registered limited company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, operating a financial services company out of the UK. We’ve lost access to all our source code because of the recent US trade controls noted here

We believe we’ve been blocked because a sub-contractor of a sub-contractor currently resident in Ukraine, accessed our github repo whilst visiting family in Crimea. I’m not sure how any company is expected to mitigate against that, particulary as we didn’t know about these trade controls until after we believe the developer visited Crimea.

We’ve submitted an organisation appeal on Friday 30th August, but as yet had no feedback.

Does anybody have any idea how long this appeal process may take?

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Hi @duncancs,

Thanks a lot for being here! I can confirm we’ve received your request and the support ticket as well. A member of our team will contact you shortly with next steps.

Since this is a public forum, we are unable to discuss specific account details here, for this reason, I’ll be closing this topic.