URI support for GitHub pages with Custom domain

hey, I’ve read the docs for GitHub pages setup with custom domain. It currently supports ANAME, A Record, or CNAME. However, I don’t find an option for URI based support.

Let’s say, I have example.com domain which points to example-dot-com repository. If we want to use the same example.com domain to point to other example-dot-com -one repository, then we have to setup CNAME(sub domain with domain register). From maintenance perspective, it’s difficult to maintain all those sub-domains. New sub-domain needs to be setup whenever new repository is created to display web pages. Also, It takes couple of hours to reflect the changes for sub-domain not effective immediately. Wildcard sub-domain is not secured since other users can able to run web pages with custom domain owned by user.

I don’t know if this is the right fourm to discuss. Shall we consider implementing this change in GitHub?

Repository Name      CNAME File                               Domain Accessed thru browser

username.github.io -> example.com                            -> example.com

example-one           -> example.com/example-one      -> example.com/example-one

example-two            -> example.com/example-two      -> example.com/example-two

example-three         -> example.com/example-three    -> example.com/example-three

example-four           -> example.com/example-four       -> example.com/example-four

If any solution is currenly available to address this problem, please suggest me. Appreciate your help,

If what you want is what you’re showing in the table, nothing needs to be implemented. GitHub Pages already does what you’re asking for without the CNAME files in the example-* directories. If you take a look at my repository https://github.com/lee-dohm/house-upgrades, which I use to track aspirational projects I want to take on for my house, I’ve turned on GitHub Pages publishing for it and now it is available at http://www.lee-dohm.com/house-upgrades/ … no CNAME file necessary (in the lee-dohm/house-upgrades repository).

I hope that helps!