[Urgent unable to access org] NameID already linked to account

Hey I urgently need to resolve this issue and I have already emailed support. I am trying to join my workplace’s github org using okta and I am getting the following error.

There was an issue joining the organization: NameID '<work email address>' is already linked to <Personal github username>'s account. 

I initially linked my workplace email to my personal account and joined the org but that was an accident. I have since removed myself from the org on my personal account and unlinked my work email address from my personal account. Now when I use okta to sign in and join my workplace org using a new github account associated with my work email I get the error above.

What exactly is NameID? How can I get this resolved? Thanks

Hello @Salamander1012 and welcome to the community! We apologize for the wait, our private support team will be able to assist with the NameID error that you shared. Additionally, if you have not already tried this, an organization administrator may unlink the SAML identity.

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awesome how can I get in touch with the private support team?

If you haven’t already, please contact us at https://github.com/contact with the info so we can look into that further.

I have exactly same issue which need to be resoled on urgent basis…
have also emailed the support with details.

Hi, I have met same issue just now. Afters seen the link unlink the SAML identity mentioned by nyahbhinghiprincess, I recall before this all happened, I did clicked “Github Enterprise” icon from our Okta homepage once, this led me to github page already signed in with my personal account. This also happened before I was invited to our organization, before I registered another github account with our organization email. I guess that was the moment my personal account is linked to my Orgnization’s NameID.

Here are steps we used to fix it:

  1. Admin revokes the invitation to your work github account
  2. Admin sends another invitation to your personal github account
  3. You join the organization with your personal github account
  4. Admin can then see you from organization member list and “revoke” your personal account from the organization
  5. Admin sends last invitation to your work github account
  6. You join the organization with your work github account

I have got this issue just yesterday. I had linked my work email with my existing Github account while joining my workplace’s github org using okta. Then I had unlinked my work email from my existing personal github account and created a new github account registered with my work email. But I was getting the above mentioned error
There was an issue joining the organization: NameID '<work email address>' is already linked to <Personal github username>'s account.
Finally I had left the organization from my personal github account here
https://github.com/settings/organizations. This comes under Settings>Organizations.
After that on login my work github account that NameID error got resolved.

P.S: I had got a no reply email from GitHub
“You’ve been removed from the organization”.
This will ensure the NameID has been unlinked.


To unlink your SSO identity from an organization, you will need to reach out to one of the owners of the organization and have them revoke your existing external SAML SSO identity by navigating to the following URL https://github.com/orgs/<orgname>/people/<username>/sso and click the revoke button under the Linked SSO identity section. Please also see the Viewing and revoking a linked identity guide for more information.


This was the only solution that worked for me in this scenario. Thanks!

I have same issue with NameID already linked to my 1st account. How can I unlink the 1st account since I don’t know where to find it. the only account I see was the 2nd account.

@L0p3zalegit your ORG owner or enterprise admin will need to unlink SAML identity of existing member
As detailed here