[URGENT]My repository is disappared

Hi, I just meet some urgent problem to be solved. I tried to log in github classroom as usual and wanted to get my homework. Following the instructions step by step, I was assigned a repository for my homework. However, after I modified the repository name of the homework in class, the repositroy disappeared.
Many of my classmates also met this problem.
Is there any solution for this problem?
We just want to konw why and how to solve this problem.

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Weird. I just tried renaming a repo & it did not disappear. How did you modify the repo name?

Did that mean you are the owner of that repo? If not, renaming it could maybe cause it to be moved to your profile. (or not)

Was it a private repo? If not, can it be viewed when not signed in.

Even weirder. Maybe there was something wrong with the setup of the repos. Did you ask your teacher(s)? Where you able to commit to the repo without it vanishing?

I just found this - Cannot rename the repository created by GitHub Classroom - so maybe there is a bigger problem.

Sorry I am asking more questions than I am answering. Hope this helps

Cannot rename the repository created by GitHub Classroom, Rename will make the repository disappear

@YX1AOL it seems other people are experiencing this problem.
Is your problem sound like [URGENT]My repository is disappared?

I have combined these posts since it is the same issue.

It looks like something was broken in a recent deployment, and we’ve rolled that back so this should stop happening.

The organisation owners should be able to restore any repositories that were deleted in error.


Sorry for the inconvenience here, and thank you for reporting it! If you have any further concerns, just let us know.

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@canuckjacq thanks for your reply.
@YX1AOL @NewOrange hope this fixes your problem

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Thank you so much. I just tried to rename my repository, and I made it.


Thank you so much ,I rename my repository successfully.