Uploading large (100+ MB) mp4 files onto Git Pages?

I am a complete novice to programming, but I am picking things up as I work on the project located at https://github.com/ialcanta/LingView. However I still haven’t figured this out:

I need to upload 100+ MB mp4s onto my Git Page but the Git Large File Storage info pages say that GLFS doesn’t work with Git Pages…

  1. What are some alternatives to GLFS?
  2. Or what are the methods of working with large files on Git Pages?

(I have heard of git-annex, git-bigfiles, git-fat, git-media, git-bigstore, and git-sym, but from what I understand those alternatives would either be outdated or too complex for me to understand/manage with my current programming knowledge. I would try embedding the videos and having them be hosted–if those are the right terms–on YouTube, but they need to be linked to the transcription software files (.eaf) that are the main focus of this project.)

Thanks for reaching out.

In order to keep the GitHub service performing well for everyone, we don’t allow uploading large files (greater than 100MB) inside a Git repository. GitHub Pages is not intended to be used to distribute configuration files, large binaries, or other static assets. There are several low-cost services that are optimized for bulk storage and distributing large files. You can find more information on those services in our help documentation.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for your help! I will check out the alternatives you suggested.