Uploading images via the online editor: Rederict user-images.githubusercontent to repo

I have a lot of projects hosted on github where I’m working with non git users. Much of the contributions by these users can be made by using the github online editor, which is great. This online editor even supports the GUI based insertion of images by uploading these to user-images.githubusercontent.com/user-id/some-hash.png and inserting them with markdown syntax.

Is there a way to redirect the automatic upload to the github repo, rather than the users’s own storage? Maybe by tweaking something in the .github folder? This would greatly enhance the collaboration between git and non git users on the same project, since all images associated with the project would in fact be stored in the specific repo.

How are the users uploading the images? It should be possible to include them directly in a pull request.

They upload the images by dragging and dropping them into the github online editor. Or by pasting the image from their clipboard into the github online editor… do you know how I mean?

I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you mean the one you get when you edit a file in the browser?

I’ve made a quick gif to illustrate what I mean:

The image was uploaded to https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/12532091/135541406-7141a8d7-7bf9-4c82-a4d9-ea4b7fe1fb34.jpg
Instead of the users ID (or whatever 12532091 is), I would like to upload the image into the repo that holds the file into which the image was just copied.

Is my question clearer now?

It is. You can use “Upload files” for that:

I was specifically looking for a way to do it with copy and paste (or drag and drop) since my non git collaborators are ms word users and not too keen on the exra steps involved. But thanks for your answer!