Uploading a helper exe

I want to upload my rainmeter “skin” to github so other people could contribiute. I have no clue how to github.

The project uses a small helper plugin that is compiled binary file that needs to be in specific location for the whole thing to work. How can I go about doing it “properly”?

a repo is basically the container of your source code,

if I’m getting your problem correctly, you developed a plugin but with a compiled binary that is needed so that your code can run, and you want to share it so that others can contribute to your code, and your problem is how you will be doing that on GitHub,

my suggestion is that you upload your source code in a repo publicly so that others will be able to see and contribute if they want to, then you can simply include the .exe at the folder (but this is really not recommended, the best way is to use Releases), provided it is the same folder structure that you are doing locally, when they download your repo, it is zipped, so the folder structure is preserved, so it is the same thing that they will be seeing and make changes locally, then create a pull request for changes they want to make at your source code

then if you are getting comfortable, you can use Releases of GitHub so that it is an organized way of releasing your project from time to time and this is really the recommended way of including executable files,


the only reason why I mentioned the first option is maybe, you might be shocked what is GitHub Releases,

hopefully you are familiar with the basics of GitHub, if not, learn it first,