Uploaded css stylesheet missing from GitHub page

Hi all! Really struggling to work out why my uploaded css stylesheet is not being included into my GitHub page.
I’ve double checked the details in link and there doesn’t seem to be a problem on that side. Any suggestions on what I could try would be gratefully welcomed.

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Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I was able to navigate to your mock-profile-page and it seems that the CSS stylesheet (styles.css) is working properly. It’s possible that GitHub Pages didn’t immediately update when you pushed the source to your repository.

Hope this helps! If you have any further issues, don’t hesitate to reply!

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Oh wow! it is actually working now!!!
It wasn’t all of yesterday. Today I only edited the link to “CSS/styles.css” rather than “css/styles.css”. While the chrome developer browser was forgiving of the inconsistency, Github Pages however, is not. Good to know for future uploads.