Upload problem with my repository


I have a problem with uploading. It is my first attempt so i dont know what i did wrong.
In the first link is the uploaded site that shows me only the name of my repository , and in the second link i have the files with the code. The code was okay so i dont know what is the problem

If there is not index.html file in the root folder of your repository, GitHub pages will use the README file (if any). That’s what you’re seeing.

I guess you want to use the index.html.html file in site/ instead? In that case you need to move it out of the directory and rename it to index.html. You’ll also have to move the CSS file to the same directory to make the stylesheet link work.


I made some changes but still I don’t see the difference

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There is some sort of menu now, which matches the index.html file in your repository. Is that wrong?