Upload folder

I want to upload a folder to my Github repo, but I can’t and instead have to individually upload each folder because Github doesn’t allow uploading folders. Is there any way I can upload an existing folder?

You can create a file called “readme.md” in every empty folder you want upload. This method can allowed also to describe, in that file, what si the purpose of the folder.

For clarity, this isn’t necessarily a limitation on GitHub itself so much as how git itself handles files and folders.

I suppose a reamde file could do the trick, but if all you want is to assure a folder is present then it might be a bit much.  Another approach I’ve sometimes seen people do is add a .keep file to the folder, which is just a text file that serves no other purpose than to give the git client something to include for that folder in a commit.  It could be empty, or it could hold information as to why it needs to be kept around.