Upgrade plugin to version 4.0.1 and sync project

please assist me with plugin to version 4.0.1 in android.

Hello, welcome to the community @kmotumi0721247345.

The GitHub Support Community is for support of GitHub and its related products and, more generally, for discussion of software development topics. We don’t offer support for plugins for random projects.

If you’re asking how to use the piece of software that you found in a repository on GitHub, the best way to contact the maintainers of that software is to:

  1. Check the README for instructions on how to operate the software, pointers to documentation or troubleshooting info
  2. Check the SUPPORT file, if one exists
  3. Check the CONTRIBUTING guide, if one exists

All of these documents can be found, if they exist, in the repository where you found the software itself.

I hope that helps!

okay thanks i’m also happy to join community of developers.

Okay thanks i’ll do exactly as you say. thank you very much.