Upgrade my portfolio page

Hi again,
I’m trying to figure out how can I improve my page visualization, I want it to be cooler and more impressive?
Can I add some HTML and CSS stuffs? How?
would love some help…

Hey @DafnaPundak, you sure can! You can edit the HTML and CSS templates of the Jekyll theme your site is using by following the steps in this article:

To edit the HTML you’ll want to copy the template files from your theme into your site’s repository in the same location. It looks like your site is currently using the Cayman theme so you’ll find the template files for this site in this repository:

Once you copy the HTML templates to your repository you can then edit them and the version in your repository will be used over the default files from your chosen theme.

As for the CSS, the steps are on that same page, just above the HTML section:

You’ll want to create a file called style.scss inside the /assets/css/ directory, making the full path /assets/css/style.scss. You’ll then need to copy in some SASS code to make sure your site imports the original template CSS but allows you to override it.

If you’d like to see an example of this you can take a look at my own GitHub Pages site, where I’m using the same template as you but have customized the CSS: