Updating GitHub repo from different computer's RStudio

I am just getting started with using GitHub and merging RStudio projects with my repos.

I managed to merge a GitHub repo with my RStudio project and push commits from my work computer, so that’s fine. However, I opened the project from Dropbox (where the project is stored) on my home computer and started working on it as I would usually but of course the project is not linked to the GitHub repo on the new computer. How can I link the project to the same GitHub repo on several computers and commit al the canges I made without cloning and making a whole new project on my home computer?

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Hey! So if I am understanding correctly, you want to add the files from the Dropbox folder into an existing repo? The normal way of doing this would be to clone the repo down locally and add those files and then push upstream to GitHub. 

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Yep that is what I wanted to do. I was trying to find a way around having multiple clones due to using different computers but from looking around, I don’t think that’s possible. Thanks for the help!