Updating Codespace with push from loal

I already spun up a Codespace on a repo, but I made some changes locally on my machine.
Do you need to delete the codespace and rebuild it to incorporate those changes?

If you push them into the repository (or in a fork or branch), you can open the Codespace and use either it’s built-in source control support or git from the command line or to pull in the changes. No need to recreate!

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Fantastic! Not sure why that didn’t cross my mind. Loving the feature otherwise.

Great! As a FYI, you can also drag-and-drop any files from your desktop into the explorer to copy them to the Codespace (even on the web). There’s also a right click gesture to download a folder from a Codespace. I mention git since it can be easier to do if you’ve got changes in both places.

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