Updating an older repository

I’ve found an older repository which seems to be well coded, and well documented, but there haven’t been any commits in the last two years (https://github.com/erkekin/EERegression). The unfortunate thing is that it’s no longer trivial to import it into new iOS projects as the editor will only accept Swift v3 code and so you have to upgrade it in two steps v2->v3->v4. 

I don’t want to look like I’m claiming credit for the project or anything like that, so what’s the protocol if I get the code working in Swift v4 and to save the next person who comes along from having to do the same? I’d rather not bother the repository owner, but if that’s the accepted method.

There are lots of old repositories which have a less known but more up to date fork, e.g. the item_drop mod for minetest: https://github.com/PilzAdam/item_drop

Many of the forks are based on this obsolete repository instead of being based on each other and

many people do not click on forks to find more up to date repositories because it’s completely unintuitive.

I think github should somehow notify people if a newer version of the repository is available.