Updating an existing compiled HTML+CSS GitHub Pages site - "unable to build page."

I’m having troubles with my site here: https://github.com/AquaGeneral/aquageneral.github.io

It’s already been working for months, but as I try to update it now I get “Unable to build page” errors. I also tried adding a “.nojekyll” file and it’s still not working.

Note the site itself is compiled outside of this repository. This repo is just for hosting it on GitHub pages as simple HTML+CSS.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Getting the same. I’m guessing something is wrong with github servers, not our code.

Getting the same errors on 2 different sites

I’m looking at the site right-now, and it seems to be displaying properly. Is this the most recent pushed version? 

The key update I did was adding the v1.7 on my site. As you can see on the Release Notes page they are still only showing v1.6’s release notes as the latest update.

Sorry about that! This was actually an error on our end, and the team has already pushed a fix out for it, so it should be resolved.

With a generic build failure message like that, we would generally recommend checking out status page to see if there’s a known error:


And if you don’t see anything there, we’d recommend reaching out to the technical support team via our contact form so we can look into your repository specifically.


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