Updating a file without using git at all

Sure I could do it the proper way:

Or the dumb way:

and copy and paste my new content there.

But is there a way I can just do
$ scp riskfix github.com:jidanni/submission-cleaner/blob/main/riskfix
I.e., just updating a file with one single shell command, not needing to
use git at all?

If you’re uninterested in learning git, in theory you could try using svn instead:

You could of course create a cli that wraps the edit entrypoint. But note that technically that edit entrypoint basically creates a file change and then creates a commit:

I think it’s effectively something like this:

Note: you can’t use passwords for this api, you could use a PAT…

you can use GitHub Web to upload, edit files, without Git at all and any other command line

to upload, simply drag and drop on the web,

to edit,

click a certain file and look for the edit button,


The Contents API endpoints let you create, modify, and delete Base64 encoded content in a repository. To request the raw format or rendered HTML (when supported), use custom media types for repository contents


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