updateCheckRun mutation fails arbitrarily

The updateCheckRun mutation fails arbitrarily on some checks and returns null in the result.

query = """
        mutation($input:UpdateCheckRunInput!) {
            updateCheckRun(input:$input) {
                checkRun {

for checkRunId ‘MDg6Q2hlY2tSdW40NDQxNjI4OA==’.

This happens completely arbitrarily. The GitHub app credentials used to make this query has required permissions to the repo.

Hi @sanketsaurav,

To clarify, when you say that it fails arbitrarily, you mean that you’re using the same input each time and it only fails some of the time, correct? Is this a particularly big query?


Hey @that-pat,

I was able to figure this out – this was failing for queries which have particularly high number of annotations. Apparently, the number of annotations must not be more than 50 in one query. The GraphQL API fails silently in such case without throwing any errors, and just returns null, as I mentioned. The REST API however shows the error properly, which is how I was able to debug this.

It would be great it the v4 documentation mentions this as well.

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