Update workflow run message using variables

Is there any way to update either of these messages for a workflow run? I want it to show more specific info about the run based on values in the workflow.

@jenschelkopf - is this perhaps on the roadmap to support if not possible today? Azure DevOps provides this capability, and we use it heavily.

No, it’s not supported and not on our roadmap on this time.

Can you give a couple of examples?

Sure. Have a look at this workflow:

The behavior of the workflow changes based on the workflow_dispatch inputs. I would like to use those values to update the message so the human eye can quickly understand what the workflow did without having to click into the run details.


This becomes increasingly useful when combined with reusable workflows and composite actions since you can create workflows that behave quite differently based on state during workflow execution. Being able to determine some details about the workflow run at a glance based on execution state is really helpful in finding the right workflow run to look at in more detail. Here’s an example of how we use it with an Azure DevOps pipeline:

@jenschelkopf is there anything else you need from me? We also have a workflow that dispatches another workflow based on whether files in a folder changed.

This is another example where being able to update the message using variables would make it much easier to understand what the workflow did. We use this approach so we don’t need to define a yml file for each folder that needs to be independently built/deployed.

Do other people have similar requirements?

@jenschelkopf - When the workflow is triggered, the message is the commit message. So, for commits, we could amend the commit message to change what shows in the list. But when initiated by workflow_dispatch, the list shows the name of the workflow. Is there any way to control the message during workflow_dispatch? Is there any way to use something other than the commit message? For example, commit description?