Update status back to GitHub repo upo a partial failure of deployment

I have a repo with branches as environments to deploy and each file inside it is an API to deploy.

say for example repo name is api-deploy and branches as develop and sit. and files inside it is api1.json and api2.json on each branch. A user commits api1.json and api2.json to develop brahcn with in a commit id. The bamboo pipeline does all test and deploys them in to datapower. Now the scenario is api1.json passes all tests and deploys, but api2.json fails. I want to update my repo back with the api1.json pass and api2.json fail (both happend in one commit and one build) I was trying with git tag (will not work as tag is per commit) and github status update (this will also wont work as its per build).

Is there anyway to accomplish this?

I would recommend you create pipeline for each api file. Then you could check pipeline status for each file.
There is no multiple status for different files in one commit. If in your bamboo pipeline, api1.json and api2.json are executed in two jobs, as each job is mapped to a check run, you could get job status using Check runs API: https://developer.github.com/v3/checks/runs/#list-check-runs-in-a-check-suite.