Update pull requests from renamed branch

The recently announced Branch Rename feature is awesome, but it seems to only handle pull requests targeting the branch, not originating from the branch:

When a branch is renamed:

  • Open pull requests and draft releases targeting the renamed branch will be retargeted automatically

I’d love to be able to rename a feature branch that has an open pull request to upstream and have that pull request not be closed, but updated to originate from the new branch name instead.

Would you consider adding that feature, please? Thanks!


Is there a way to find more educational information for first time users on branches, etc., and how to pull, etc.?


Thank you for your mentioning of Branch Rename Feature. I was unfamiliar with this until you mentioned it. This is slowly helping me learn the code necessary for my success. Thanks.

It looks like a bug, as according to the documentation Renaming a branch - GitHub Docs

Branch protection policies are also updated, as well as the base branch for open pull requests (including those for forks) and draft releases

That looks consistent with what I was seeing: the base branch is the target of the PR, and that probably works okay as documented. What doesn’t work is renaming the head branch of the PR—then the PR is closed instead of being updated.


Yeah this is definitely an awesome feature but I was hoping to not fave my pr closed as a result of the rename.