Update jekyll-seo-tag to 2.6.x


It looks like Github Pages uses the plugin jekyll-seo-tag@2.5.0, and I’m wondering what the update schedule is for upgrading to a newer release, e.g., jekyll-seo-tag@2.6.x.

v2.6.x adds twitter:image, and twitter:card, among other nice things.

Does anyone know where to find this out?


The github-pages gem is maintained in a public repository. You can ask there, though there may be some reason that we can’t upgrade all GitHub Pages users to a newer version of some dependency.

Additionally, you don’t have to depend on the plugins that GitHub Pages provides. You can run a Jekyll build process locally using whatever plugins or other code you wish and deploy the output of that build to Pages yourself. It is a bit more complicated to do, but you don’t have to wait on us to use whatever plugins or plugin versions you choose.

I hope that helps!

Thanks! I’ll open a pull request. I know I can build the site manually, but I’m trying to keep operational overhead at zero, so I’m good to stick with the defaults.