Update fork from web interface

When updating a forked repo using the web interface, my fork will add all the commits from the rebase/merge to my next pull request to origin/master.

This cant be right.

I only use the web interface, no desktop git.

Whats the proper way to update a forked repo using the web interface?

Since this seems to be one of those unanserable questions I will tell you the only sure fire method of not screwing anything up when using the web interface is to just delete the repo, fork it again and make an new PR.

This is kinda wierd since I would expect the web interface to be easier to use than that.

Maybe it is and no one knows how to properly use it or github never expected people to actually use it.

Well i did a pull request on one of my forked repos and merged it and it was fine.

First one always is fine. The problem is that when using the web interface you dirty up the history no matter how you use it after you update your fork to match master. Your second PR will include the history of the update merge along with current PR. Only fix I found was to delete the fork every PR.

PRs through the web interface will result in a merge commit or squash commit which dirty up the history.

My Github App will do exactly what you want and save you the trouble of re-forking.


:robot: a GitHub App built with probot that keeps your repository up-to-date with upstream changes via automated PRs.

By default it will use hardreset to keep master branch in sync with upstream, so you don’t have to worry about messy git history.