Update dependency bot

I was getting a security vulnerability message and asked me to update “kramdown”. How I am suppose to do it. Find somewhere to copy paste the code? Just ignore and delete?

Hi @GeoLai, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

It sounds like you got a security alert about Kramdown from Dependabot, which can happen from time to time. Unfortunately there isn’t too much you can do about this yourself as most of the dependancies like this are managed by GitHub Pages itself:

These are managed inside this repository, so you could always create a pull request here to update it (though sometimes these will be rejected or not merged as quickly as they can sometimes rely on changes inside other areas of the Pages service):

You should be able to ignore this warning for now and the integrated version of Kramdown for GitHub Pages will likely be updated in the near future.

Once a new version of the pages-gem is released with fixes to this you’ll need to install it inside a local copy of your repository. That should update your Gemfile.lock and resolve this security alert.