Update branch button merges PR

When a branch a PR was based on is out of date from the master branch an “Update branch” button appears which performs a rebase. Sometimes the update fails and the button says “retry”. When I click on “retry” instead of retrying the rebase it just merges the PR. This has happened when I have a PR open in my browser and another developer hits the “Update branch” button. My screen does not show its been updated - it still says “Update branch”…but when I try to update it it fails because the other developer already did it. This would be OK but when I click “retry” it just merges the PR

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In principle, you should report this to:

The next time you plan to click the Update branch button, open your browser’s Web Inspector first. Then be sure to include any errors when you file your report.

Also, if possible, you should screen record this. I tend to use QuickTime.app to record the screen. On Windows you can use psr.exe or Win-Alt-R: