Update a branch that was created from an open Pull Request

I have successfully been able to create a branch from an open pull request. I’m having issues and need clarity on how I would update that branch, when the PR is updated with some commits? How can I get my branch updated with the PR as my branch now doesn’t contain the new commits added to the PR?

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Hi @cheyannej :wave: Welcome to the Community!

You don’t mention what relationship you have to the repository where the PR is coming from, but the process to follow is going to be very similar to syncing a fork.

You’d first need to make sure you have the repository where the pull request comes from set up as a remote on your local version of the repo, if it isn’t already.

You could use something like:

git remote add pr-repo <REMOTE_URL>

…where pr-repo is any name you like.

When you view the PR on GitHub you should be able to confirm which branch it’s coming from, and then you will be able to pull down changes made to that branch:

git merge pr-repo/branch-name