Unwatch repository not working

The ‘apply’ button becomes unclickable once a custom option of the unwatch is selected. This means I cannot unwatch a repository. Please help!


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This is a little confusing at first! Here’s the watching dropdown:

To “unwatch” a repository, you can select either "Participating and @mentions" which means you’ll only be notified where you have activity in the repository or where someone has mentioned your username, OR you can select “Ignore” which means you will never be notified, even if someone does mention your username, or if you’ve participated in the repository already.

I’m not sure this is correct. Yes, selecting “Ignore” will stop the notifications but it does not “Unwatch” the repository. If you go to the project and look at the list of Watchers, you will still be listed. It is also still listed in your profile under “Watched repositories”. Is there really no way to actually Unwatch a repo?

A bit late to reply, but what you actually need to select is “Participating and @mentions”. Then it stops showing in the watched repositories and you will no longer be listed as a watcher.


I believe @askel45 are looking for https://github.com/settings/repositories

I understand the suggested solutions for unwatching a project which are selecting either: 1) "Participating and @mentions” or “Ignore” but what if I only want to watch projects, I’m passionate about? I “ignored” projects in the past, and I can still see those projects in the “Ignoring” section of https://github.com/watching. The current solutions provided seem passive, and disingenuous as they no longer represent my current interests . I’d like to unwatch projects for good because I longer am interested in them.