Unwanted warning for dynamic input properties to actions

Actions recently started emitting a warning when giving input properties of actions that are not listed in the action’s inputs. For example:

##[warning]Unexpected input 'service', valid inputs are ['file']

My action’s inputs are dynamic. I would like to define a specific required property, but allow users to give other input properties without emitting a warning.

How can I accomplish this?

Hi @joshuanapoli ,
The warning is showing as expected. Currently, there is no method to disable the warning. Would you mind sharing your idea in the [Feedback form for GitHub Actions] ? (https://support.github.com/contact/feedback?contact[category]=actions).
As a workaround , I would recommend you using environment variable to simulate input. You need to use upper cases and add ‘INPUT_’ as the prefix of environment variable names.
For example:

- uses: CumulusDS/get-yaml-paths-action@v0.1.0
    file: file.yml
    INPUT_BAR: foo.bar
    INPUT_PROVIDERSTAGE: provider.stage

Thanks. I submitted a support feedback, as you recommended. Note that the problem also affects the octokit Request Action: https://github.com/octokit/request-action/issues/26

Thank you for your cooperation. The warning is added to the latest version of GitHub hosted runner. There is the issue I created in actions/runner repo reporting this input warning issue. You could keep an eye on it for any updates.