Unusually Long Respone-Time From Support? Auto-Suspension.

So I decided I wanted to do some major restructuring of my main account @jsgrant , and I just nuked everything (delete it) and I re-registered – started making some projects and groups, and then a lil while later I reload the page and … account is auto-suspended. Assumed some monitoring system thought it just must of looked supicious that the account was gone and reappeared so quick and adding ‘enough’ stuff, etc, etc. Kinda understand that.

Immediately attempt to contact support … and nothing. 72+ hours later, and a few more tickets filed (lack of automatic “we got your message” response has me weary they’ve got any of these in the first-place…) and now getting a fair bit frustrated here.

Is this normal? Github has typically responded within a few hours before when I had issues with auto-flagging of certain group names. Idk, just said as-said frustrared – I hope this is the right place to post this. Sorry guys.

Going on 100 hours, fellers. :^(

Ended up sending another ticket; Guess we’ll see.

Of all the days of this week to expect a resolution on (ie President’s Day), today wasn’t the day – but it happened anyways. :^)

The @GithubHelp Twitter responded this morning, thinking it may be something with my email (which would be odd – because this is also the one I’ve got the aforementioned, pretty-quick turnaround on  for a few weird auto-flagging events regarding innocuous group names), they said they sent a message which was marked delivered and had/needed a response pending on my end … they told me to check, but nothing was in my spam or filters; But after this response I decide to try to login again anyways – and it worked! I’m guessing the secondary ticket I filed (which the @TwitterHelp group said they only got the one … but I don’t know why support would’ve allowed me in if the first was still pending and they didn’t get a second which made it clear I didn’t get any response) that probably ‘did it’; Who knows. Either way, I’m happy as a lark; Issue resolved. Sorry for the forum spam.