Unusual Minutes Usage and Run Durations

We usually never exceed our minutes spending limit, but over the past 7 - 10 days we’ve been hitting it over and over again. When investigating the Actions tab in our repository, we see very unusual run durations:

As you can see the run durations range anywhere from a few seconds to hours, with the longest one we’ve seen at 4 days (!!!).

This is confusing, because even if we open the corresponding job, everything looks normal: the jobs all started and finished within an hour (“succeeded X hours ago”), and the sum of the run times of the individual jobs is only 12-15 minutes which is expected.

Github support is not very responsive, we’re wondering if anyone else is or has experienced this. We’ve noticed that Github has had a lot of downtime recently, and Actions has been having some problems (with setup-node, weird tar errors, etc.), we’re wondering if maybe it’s related.

We would also appreciate advice on how we could debug this. We’re having a very hard time finding any other info about this, aside from the job/workflow run times.

Thank you!

Edit: it wasn’t show in the screenshot above, but the run duration also happens on successful and neutral tests, the status does not seem to be correlated to the run time:


@ivanbiorender ,

The Run duration of workflow run includes the Queue time and the Run time , and the  Queue time  will not be counted towards the total of the Minutes Usage.

You can reference the docs about billing for GitHub Actions to calculate if the total  Run time  in your account has exceeded the Minutes Usage  of February.

Even with queue and run time, is it normal for a job to have a run duration of 4 days?

@ivanbiorender ,

I will help you report this issue to the appropriate engineering team, and if possible, please share your repository with us so that we can check more details in your repository to analyze the root cause.

Our repository is private, is there any way that we could get in direct contact with the engineering team?


Absolutely! For private repo issue, you could create a support ticket here to contact to engineering team directly. 

We’ve already filled that out several times with no response for almost two weeks, meanwhile they keep billing us. Are there any others ways to get in contact directly?

@IvanBioRender – sorry for the trouble here!  We’ve replied to the tickets but never got a reply back, I wonder if whoever contacted us can check their spam folder perhaps?

Maybe someone else can reach out and use a different email address that’s on a different domain as the contact email?

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Quick update: Github support is looking into the issue for us, I’ll add a solution here if we find one.

Update 31/3/20: suppport still looking into it.